Working Families Caucus – December 13, 2014

Metro Community College, South Omaha Campus, Omaha, Nebraska

The group gathered, nominated and elected Phil Montag as our new Chair. The meeting began

with Phil asking if there were any issues we needed to address. Joe Higgins brought to the floor

the issue of Maureen Nickels election. We agreed to a resolution indicating that we as a caucus

stand with the voters of the 17 counties affected and that the results of that election for Board

of Education should stand. Phil suggested we write to local newspapers to voice this opinion.

Larry Weixelman LD 26 told us about how the Platte Institute is influencing the policies of our

Governor and the ways it will affect our future. We need to inform the public and the voters

for proposal 425 of these issues.

We were asked “How we feel about hosting a 2016 Caucus?” Bill Forsee moved that we

support such an effort and present it as a resolution in the Central Committee meeting to

follow. Roger _____ seconded and it was voice approved.

Gary Tafini moved to elect Susan Tafini to the position of Secretary for the Working Families

Caucus. It was voice approved.

We adjourned to meet again at the next Nebraska Democratic State Central Committee

Meeting in 2015.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Tafini,