Working Families Caucus – March 7, 2015

                                   Metro Community College, Fremont, Nebraska

Phil Montag called the meeting to order.   Fifteen were present.   Introductions were made by the group and members explained their concerns or why they were attending.

  1. LB 288 – Harr, Johnson, McCallister sponsoring. There will a hearing in Rm 1510 on Monday, March 9, 2015 at the State Capitol.
  2. U.S. Postal Service needs to be protected.
  3. Hiring Veterans important part of our Caucus. Need to have the Unions help. Group called Helmets to Hard Hats.
  4. Protect our Unions and promote more organizing for new members.

Platform Discussion for our Caucus.  Kyle Hansen and Dan Quick  were nominated by Phil Montag to look further into the basis for our Platform.  Bob Myers seconded the motion. It was voice approved,

By Laws – Phil Montag moved to accept the By Laws that were presented at today’s meeting.  Joe Higgins/ Steve Spain seconded and they were voice approved.

Discussion on a Caucus Bank Account – Jerry Finnegan explained why we shouldn’t open a separate bank account from the Nebraska Democratic State Party account.

Elections –

Associate Chair – Steve Spain was nominated.  He was voted in by acclamation.

Treasurer – Bob Myers was nominated.  Jerry Finnegan moved to accept this nominated by acclamation.

Phil Montag is creating a Facebook page for the Working Family Caucus.

Joe Higgins moved to adjourn and seconded by Michael Peterson.  Next meeting will be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Tafini, Sec