Working Families Caucus – June 20, 2015

LaVista-Papillion High School, Papillion, NE

     Phil Montag called the meeting to order. Phil inquired if we would like to have a Working

Family Blog? The answer was yes. What would we like to include in the blog? Discussion on

the format and who would monitor it. Joe Higgins suggested that we identify upcoming issues

that affect labor.

First order of business was the Resolution on the TTP. There was a lot of discussion on

whether to accept the resolution as written or to re do part or all of it. Ron Kaminski spoke

about the TTP and wanted to work to present a good resolution. Patty Zieg spoke about

enforcement of the trade agreement. A committee suggested to fine tune the resolution. It

was decided that during lunch a group would work on a completed resolution to present at the

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Tafini, Sec.