Article I
The name of the organization shall be the Nebraska Democratic Party Working Families Caucus

Article II

The purpose of the Nebraska Democratic Party Working Families Caucus shall be to promote the Democratic Party, to elect Democratic Candidates and promote polices that serve working families.

Article III
All registered Democrats eligible to vote in the State of Nebraska and other registered Democrats who support the goals of this organization are eligible for membership.
Article IV
The Officers of the Caucus shall be the Chair, Associate Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Chair and Associate Chair shall plan, organize, and implement Caucus activity in accordance with Party rules State and Federal law. The Secretary shall record the minutes of Party meetings and manage the Party documents as necessary. The Treasurer shall manage to Party bank account and perform necessary bookkeeping duties. All four shall serve on the Executive Committee.

Article V
The Party should hold meetings at least quarterly. The time and place should be mutually agreed upon. The total of members present shall constitute quorum.
Article VI
Executive Committee
The Caucus Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall provide Caucus leadership and transact urgent business as necessary between the Caucus meetings. The Executive Committee shall defer to the next caucus meeting any matter that can be deferred without adverse effect to the Caucus.
Article VII
The Nebraska Democratic Party Working Families Caucus is authorized to form committees as necessary to carry out the objectives of the organization.
Article VIII
Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the Parliamentary Authority for all meetings of the Caucus.
Article IX
Amendment of Bylaws
These bylaws maybe amended at the State Convention by a 2/3 vote of the members present.